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Date 2022-10-25

What does undeclared major mean? How is it different from the other majors?
A: An undeclared major means that students can start a bachelor's degree without committing to a specific degree program right away. Students of the undeclared major in the College of Communication can discover their interests by taking courses from various communication disciplines before declaring a specific major.
Please refer to the following webpage for more information about the first two-year undeclared major and last two-year of declared majors in the College of Communication.
Undeclared major in College of Communication:
Where can I find the syllabi for courses offered by the College of Communication?
A: Please refer to the following webpage for course syllabus.
Courses search system:
Are there any scholarships that NCCU offers for international students?
A: Please refer to the following webpage for scholarship opportunities for international students.
International Degree Students:


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