NCCU College of Communication

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Undeclared Major in College of Communication

The College of Communication encourages multi-disciplinary learnings and enhances students’ competitive power. Students enroll as non-majors during their first two undergraduate years. It is hoped that students will be familiar with basic theories of print media, audio-visual media, digital media and network media so as to train themselves as full capacity media professionals. Related communication theories are also needed to lay foundations for the advanced professional training in their last two years of studies.
Starting from 2014, the two-year non-major system was implemented. Students are expected to apply for their majors, namely, Journalism, Advertising, and Radio-TV, at the second semester of the sophomore year, according to their study interests and professional consideration. They can also apply for self-structured program major if they are not satisfied with the designated programs. The minimal credits for graduation are 128 credits, including University and School majors, program major courses, and elective courses.
Through their full scale communication professional learnings at the first two years as non-majors, followed by two more years of advanced studies at the Department of Journalism, the Department of Advertising, and the Department of Radio-TV respectively, students can pursue further higher learnings as well as secure jobs in the future. They will have broader and multiple choices in terms of job and career planning in the era of media convergence.

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