NCCU College of Communication

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Undeclared Major in College of Communication

College of Communication encourages multi-disciplinary learnings which enhances students’ competitiveness. Students will enroll as undeclared-majors during their first two years. We hope that students will be familiar with communication theories and train themselves to become exceptional communicators through practical experiences. Students would be able to develop critical thinking, detailed analysis, and creative problem-solving skills during the four-year trainings. 
Starting from 2014, the two-year-undeclared-major system has been implemented. Students are expected to apply for their majors, namely, Journalism, Advertising, and Radio-TV according to their interests and career plans in the second semester of their sophomore year. They can also apply for self-structured program in accordance to their interests. Students are required to take a minimal of 128 credits before graduation, including university and college required courses, department required courses and elective courses.
Through the thorough fundamental trainings in the first two years as undeclared-majors together with the advanced studies at Department of Journalism, Advertising, and Radio-TV respectively, students can gain solid preparation for graduate studies and be well-prepared at the workplaces.
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