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Date 2024-03-19

1. International students who are registered as degree-seeking students at NCCU in spring 2024 are eligible to apply.  The international students here refer to those who entered NCCU according to “NCCU Admission Guidelines for International Students”.  (Exchange students, non-degree students and students with scholarships are excluded.)

2. Application deadline:

Completed application must be received no later than March 31, 2024 (Sunday).

3. Please follow the steps below to complete the application:

        Step 1: Submit the online application form (

        Step 2: Ask one of your NCCU teachers/professors to help complete the Recommendation Form and return it to OIC. The recommendation form will be emailed to the recommender by OIC (there will be a different deadline)

        Step 3: Email the following document(s) to OIC at

(1) One copy of official transcript in Chinese (grades of fall 2024 included)

*Please apply for an official transcript in Chinese (with grades of all the semesters) at the Registration Section and email OIC the scanned copy. No need to submit a hardcopy.

(2) Certificate of volunteering service that helps with the internationalization of NCCU and the communities (

(3) Certificates of extra-curricular activities (if applicable)

4. For questions, please contact Ms. Alison Ho. (Tel: 02-29393091 ext. 62040)

5. "NCCU Academic Excellence Scholarship for International Students" regulations can be downloaded at OIC web site for reference.

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