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Date 2022-10-25

The Center for Media and Information was founded in 2003, and integrates all of the teaching, application, and experiment resources of the College of Communication. There are six divisions: the VNCCU radio station, IT Lab, Audio-Video Lab, Theater, News Lab and Research Oriented Media Lab. The Center plans all human resources and budgets to coordinate the demands of teaching, research and application, thus boosting the competitive advantages of the College.

The ITLab focus on graphic design and photography, and highlights students’ creativity by displaying their multimedia works at the end of every semester. The main goal is to awaken students’ powers of observation and creativity, and improving their production skills.

Audio-Video Lab
Audio Video Laboratory provides teaching, research and services related to audio-video production courses, as well as a complete assistant practice system. Operated by the students of the College of Communication, it supports the broadcasting of school activities, and is synchronized to the webcast.
The student-operated AV Lab offers audio-video production classes, facility lending, and research support. It also provides students with comprehensive support, to ensure that they can successfully film or direct their audio-video projects. The AV Lab also offers live and on-demand broadcasts of academic events, campus activities, student projects, and educational programming, to highlight the university’s achievements.

Theater of Communication College
Small but complete, this professional theater provides students with a performance space and venue for drama productions and large-scale outdoor performances. The student-run theater also holds classes for using theater equipment and acting skills, and hosts performances by numerous theater companies.
Voice of NCCU
VNCCU is one of the most historical FM college radio station in Taiwan with a frequency of 88.7MHz. It served as a platform for students to produce outstanding broadcast program, which mostly focused on the events happened in and around the campus. VNCCU is determined to serve as the most popular college radio station in Wen-Shan District. For the most up-to-date information about Wen-Shan District and campus life in NCCU, please tune in to FM 88.7 or listen online through the official website.
News Lab

Student attend the News Lab as an assistant, which is another important channel for participating in news gathering and editing training. The News Lab is located in Room 312, Da-Yong Building.
The University News is an experimental newspaper edited and published independently by students of the Department of Journalism at National Chengchi University. Together with its online counterpart titled Uonline, this paper appears every other Friday.
Research-Oriented Media Lab

The Research-oriented Media Lab was established in 2012. It provides a changeable and reorganizable real setting of living room and dining room that enables the research team to design in-home user-media interactions for simultaneous observation and data collection.

Media Psychology Lab
The College of Communication, NCCU has two Media Psychology Laboratories. Both labs are located in Da-Yong Building: lab 1 in 318 while lab 2 in 416. The labs provide front-end information collection and back-end analysis tools, which are extremely useful to the faculty members in teaching, researching and implementing their skills.
The labs are well-equipped with research or teaching equipment such as computers, DirectIN v2020 PCB Rotary Controller, MediaLab v2020, DirectRT v2020, and Eye Tracker.

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