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Diversity and Inclusion

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Date 2022-10-13

College of Communication was established in 1989. We are currently the oldest journalism educational institution in Taiwan, and is well-known in the Far-Eastern area for our communication education. In addition to our abundant equipment resources, we also offer workshops and implement student teaching assistant system to meet educational needs. With various practical and theoretical courses, our college emphasize the spirit of "learning by doing" through our education. 

College of Communication has established a communication research and development center to coordinate research related matters and handle exchange student affairs. An international exchange center is also set up to coordinate and tackle business with international partners. We also have academic cooperation agreements with internationally renowned communication institutions in many countries, such as the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Thailand.

As the communications field trends towards greater media convergence and globalization, it demands more communications professionals. College of Communications has therefore aggressively retooled its curriculum and updated its pedagogic methods. Our goal is to ensure students to acquire -thorough training and skills that they need at the cutting edge of modern communications field. To that end, our college replaced the strict division of students by departments with an academic program system that emphasizes integrated interdisciplinary training.
As part of the same effort, our college also implemented a general curriculum for freshmen in 1998. Students can choose their degree program among the college-that can best match their interests and inclinations.

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