NCCU College of Communication

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Visiting Professor

This is an image Prof. Tsan-Kuo Chang
Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong
Visiting Period : 2016/08/01-2017/07/31
This is an image Prof. Ringo Ma 
School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University
Visiting Period : 2011/02/01-2011/07/31                                              
This is an imageO Prof. David H. Weaver Professor
Indiana University Media School
Visiting Period : 2009/02/01-2009/04/31
This is an image Prof. Lee, Chin-Chuan
Department of Media and Communication, City university of Hong Kong 
Visiting Period : 2008/02/01-2008/07/31
This is an image Prof. Jensen Chung
San Francisco State University
Visiting Period : 2006/08/01-2007/01/31
This is an image Prof. Akiba Cohen
Tel Aviv University, Department of Communications
Visiting Period : 2006/02/01-2006/07/31