NCCU College of Communication

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Center for Media and Information

The Center for Media and Information was founded in 2003, and integrates all of the teaching, application, and experiment resources of the College of Communication. There are six divisions: the VNCCU radio station, IT Lab, Audio-Video Lab, Theater, News Lab and Research Oriented Media Lab. The Center plans all human resources and budgets to coordinate the demands of teaching, research and application, thus boosting the competitive advantages of the College.
Director:Tseng, Kuo-Feng
Assistant: Pan Chu Chen 
Ext.: 67153

Voice of NCCU

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VNCCU is the College’s student radio station, with a long history and outstanding student-produced programming. By focusing on the ins and outs of campus life and the unique character of the Wen-Shan District, the station’s programming is broadly accessible and serves as a model for caring for the campus. The station has also established a website that allows audiences to listen at their convenience. For the most up-to-date information on the Wen-Shan District and life at NCCU, tune in to FM 88.7.
Assistant: Chou  Ya-Ching  
Ext.: 67148

Audio-Video Lab

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The student-operated AV Lab offers audio-video production classes, facility lending, and research support. It also provides students with comprehensive support, to ensure that they can successfully film or direct their audio-video projects. The AV Lab also offers live and on-demand broadcasts of academic events, campus activities, student projects, and educational programming, to highlight the university’s achievements.
Assistant: Gao Bo-Yan  
Ext.: 67173

Theater of Communication College

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Small but complete, this professional theater provides students with a performance space and venue for drama productions and large-scale outdoor performances. The student-run theater also holds classes for using theater equipment and acting skills, and hosts performances by numerous theater companies.
Assistant: Yang Chien Wen  
Ext.: 66894


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The ITLab provides the basic IT services to the College’s students and faculty, such as the software/photography workshops and maintaining the computing hardware facilities. ITLab also trains students in information design and photography, and highlights students’ creativity by displaying their multimedia works at the end of every semester. The main goal is to awaken students’ powers of observation and creativity, and improving their production skills.
Assistant: Chiu Han-Fen    
Ext.: 67088

News Lab

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Students handle everything from reporting, writing, and editing to taking photographs, thus delivering a student perspective on current affairs in our ever-changing world. The work that students do here serves to broaden their worldview and hone their writing skills. For the digital media age, the Uonline system has also introduced audio/video content and online interactivity, to liven its presentation of the news.
Assistant: Chu Chieh-Min     
Ext.: 67084

Research-Oriented Media Lab

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Designed to simulate an ordinary living space, the lab integrates research, demonstration and academic-industrial cooperation facilities in a new setting that allows researchers to observe users’ media consumption behaviors first-hand.