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NCCU COM Research & Development Center

To promote the communication research spirit, the quality of teaching, and the communication practical development, the College of Communication sets up “Research and Development Center .” (abbr. R&D Center )

The purpose of R&D Center is to formulate and propel academic researches, deliberate establishment of research labs , plan and coordinate academic publications, arrange refresher courses for media workers, strengthen international communication academic exchanges, hold relevant international conferences, and other related businesses.

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Director:Trisha Tsui-Chuan Lin
Title: Professor & Associate Dean of  College of Communication (Research); Chair of Doctoral and Master Programs of Communication; Director of Communication Research & Development Center; Chair, Department of Radio & Television

Tel:+886-2-2939-3091 ext.63427

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Teaching AssistantGeng-Chi  Chen
TEL:+886-2-29393091 ext  63528

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Teaching AssistantChaek Sun
TEL:+886-2-29393091 ext  67594

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Teaching Assistant& Student Exchange Coordinators (for both incoming and outgoing exchange): Yi-Wen Lin
E-mail: commrd@nccu.edu.tw