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Associate Dean:  YUHMIIN CHANG 
Title: Professor & Associate Dean of the College of Communication, Chair of the College of Communication Undergraduate Degree Program
TEL: +886-2-29393091 ext 67713
Dept. of Journalism
The Department was established in 1935, when the news media had little influence on society and the education of journalism had yet to prevail. Now it combines technology, social sciences, humanities and arts to fulfill the mission. Equipped with the newest facilities in Taiwan, all the classrooms in our department are multimedia classrooms. Acknowledging the changing environment, in recent years we offer curriculum nurturing students' expertise of processing news information, with the aim to help students to understand the trend in media as well as to command and practice the creativity required to design and use media. Students graduating from our department number over 6,000, now all working in all walks of life. We have attracted students both inside and outside the island, including foreign students from Japan, Korea, America, Canada and Europe. 

Teaching Assistants
Dept. of Advertising
Teaching Assistants:Chang  chien-Yu
Dept. of Radio & Television
Given the need of developing communication technologies and professions of radio and television, National Chengchi University (NCCU) set up the first School of Radio and Television among Taiwan universities in 1987 and started to enroll in 1988 upon the approval of Ministry of Education.
The mission of Department of Radio and Television has been: “developing students’ humanism quality, critical thinking, creativity and international perspective.” Our department has been committed to recruit qualify teachers, substantial hardware facilities to achieve quality teaching environment, promote academic researches and activities and nurtures innovation and scholarly development in radio, television and new media management.

Teaching AssistantsChen, Yu-Fang
Undeclared Major in College of Communication
Starting from 2014, the two-year non-major system was implemented. Students are expected to apply for their majors, namely, Journalism, Advertising, and Radio-TV, at the second semester of the sophomore year, according to their study interests and professional consideration. 

Teaching Assistants:Chou,Yi-Ching
College of Communication Undergraduated Degree Program
Teaching Assistants