NCCU College of Communication

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I. Curriculum Brochure for College of Communication

Curriculum Brochure for 2019    WORD  PDF  ODF
Study Plans & Course Checklists for 2019 (Downloads)  WORD   PDF  ODF 
 Introduction of  Master Program in Communication (MPC) (Downloads) WORD  PDF ODF    
MPC Curriculum Guidelines (Downloads)  WORD  PDF  ODF
Faculty Members (Downloads)  WORD  PDF  ODF
  • For  2016-2018 Admission
  • **Curriculum Brochure for 2016 (Downloads)  WORD   PDF  ODF
  • ** Curriculum Brochure for 2017 (Downloads)  WORD   PDF  ODF
  • **Curriculum Brochure for 2018 (Downloads)  WORD  PDF  ODF
  • **Study Plans & Course Checklists for 2016 (Downloads)  WORD  PDF  ODF
  • **Study Plans & Course Checklists for 2017 (Downloads)  WORD  PDF  ODF
  • **Study Plans & Course Checklists for 2018 (Downloads)  WORD  PDF  ODF

II. Requirements 

1. Curriculum Guidelines for 2014 WORD  PDF  ODF
2. Curriculum Guidelines for 2015  WORD  PDF  ODF
3. Curriculum Guidelines for 2016  (with 7 Core Courses)  WORD  PDF  ODF
4. Journalism and Communication Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF
Communication and Culture Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF
6. Imagination: Fundamental and Application Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF
7. Introduction to Telecommunication Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF
8. Integrated Communications Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF
9. Cross-Strait Strategic Communications Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF
10. Science and Risk Communication Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF

III. Course Application Forms

1. Five-Year BA-MA Program Application Rules and Forms  WORD  PDF  ODF
2. Personal Information Form & Study Plans for 2014 MA Program  WORD  PDF  ODF
3. Personal Information Form & Study Plans for 2015 MA Program  WORD  PDF  ODF
4. Personal Information Form & Study Plans for 2016 MA Program  WORD  PDF  ODF
5. Personal Information Form & Study Plans for 2017 MA Program  WORD  PDF  ODF
6. Personal Information Form & Study Plans for 2018 MA Program  WORD  PDF  ODF
7. Personal Information Form & Study Plans for 2019 MA Program  WORD  PDF  ODF
8. Courses Overload/Underload Application Form  WORD   PDF  ODF
9. Interdisciplinary Program Application Forms  WORD   PDF  ODF

IV. Qualification Assessment

1. Thesis/ Competition/ Creative Project Assessment Form  WORD  PDF  ODF
2. Thesis/ Competition/ Creative Project Assessment Form (Example)  WORD  PDF  ODF
3. Thesis/ Graduation Project Proposal Application Form  WORD  PDF  ODF
4. Thesis/ Graduation Project Proposal Assessment Form  WORD  PDF  ODF
5. Thesis Proposal Revision Form  WORD  PDF  ODF
6. Graduation Project Proposal Revision Form  WORD  PDF  ODF

V. Degree Examination

1. Degree Examination Application Form  WORD  PDF  ODF
2. Degree Examination Transcript  WORD  PDF  ODF

VI. College of Communication Scholarship

1. Graduate Student Scholarship Guidelines (Old)  WORD  PDF  ODF
2. Graduate Student Scholarship Guidelines (New) WORD  PDF  ODF
3. Graduate Student Scholarship Application Form (New)  WORD   PDF  ODF

VII. Internship

1. Internship Guidelines  WORD  PDF  ODF
2. Internship Assessment Form  WORD  PDF  ODF
3. Internship Plans  WORD  PDF  ODF
4. Personal Information Form  WORD  PDF  ODF