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Graduates Employment
The information for graduates from Ph.D program
Our communications Ph. D. program plays a crucial role in providing the highest level of education in the field of communication in Taiwan. It is also certain that our program bears the responsibility in passing on the inherited knowledge and developing great assets in the communication-related areas. In the future, Ph.D. graduates from our program will contribute their well-trained professional research competence, and creative talents trained in higher education to other social institutions such as administrative organizations in communication industry, government departments, industrial development departments and academia collaborations, etc.
To be specific, in addition to teaching positions in higher education and research fields, our Ph.D. graduates are qualified for the occupation in comm/telecom/comm engineering industry management or research and development departments, National Communications Commission (NCC), Intellectual Property Office (IPO), Institute for Information Industry (III), Industrial Technology Research Institute and National Applied Research Laboratories, etc.
We thusly use the following practices to keep in track of the employment status of graduates and future plans.
1. Contact with graduates to keep tracking the recent status of our graduates on a regular basis.
2. Host forums for alumni to share their assortment of market-related experiences and opinions.
3. Provide employment information to graduates.
4. Encourage graduates to register in NCCU Alumni Association to update personal information.
Since 2007, 32 Ph.D. students have achieved the academic requirements and joined educational institutions, media organizations, government departments and research institutes, etc.
Statistics of employment status are listed as follows:
Faculties in either public or private schools: 19.
Public officials: 2
Communication institutes and industry: 4.
Research fellows: 3
Others (Unemployed included): 4