NCCU College of Communication

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PhD of Communication

As Taiwan’s first Ph.D. Program in Communication field, our Ph.D. Program aims at cultivating more excellent faculty to devote in the field of Communication Education in Taiwan. Our program lays equal emphasis on every sub-discipline in communication field and extends the course design ideas for master degree program.  Also, this program is devoted to create academic innovations and future developments of program’s visions.
The Ph. D. Program in Communication was formerly the Ph. D. Program in Journalism. Founded in 1983, the program is known as the highest and the only one Ph. D. degree in the College of Communication. On August, 2013, in response to the imbalance of talent supply and demand and to follow the trends of media convergence and internationalization , the College decided to adjust the Ph. D. Program in Journalism to join the College, renamed as the Ph. D. Program in Communication, so that not only the College’s teaching and research resources could together support the  doctor degree program but also could make it better competitive while confronted with the challenges of digital technology, media convergence, and globalization to the knowledge fields and systems of Communication. It is also hoped that Ph. D. Program can spur “diffusion” effects to ensure communication education and academic research could contribute professional viewpoints as well as ability for research and development to industry, government institutes, and even third sectors.

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