NCCU College of Communication

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Undeclared Major in College of Communication

Courses at the College of Communication are designed to equip students with basic literacy to be full scale communication professionals, skilled training in storytelling, and acquaint themselves with tools applied in all kinds of communication platforms, such as words, pictures, images, sounds, music, and web pages. They are also expected to continue our tradition of improving knowledge in humanities and critical thinking beyond professional skills.
All non-major students must complete six College-required courses, three credits each. They can also choose elective courses among the Capacity Module, Humanity Module, Program Basics Module, and Integrated Module. The following is the list of course titles.

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Course Title Credit Required/
Introduction to Communications 3 R
Communication and SocietyCommunication and Society 3 R
Still Image Design 3 R
Audio-Visual Production Basics 3 R
Communication Narratives 3 R
Information Gathering and Application 3 R
Capacity Module
Graphic Design 3 E
Sound Design 3 E
Imagination and Creativity 3 E
Language and Communication 3 E
News reporting and Writing 3 E
Introduction to Drama 3 E
Basic Creative Writing 3 E
Foundation of New Media Design 3 E
Design and Development of Digital Content 3 E
Humanity Module
Cross Media Literacy 3 E
Communication Technology and Everyday Life 3 E
Communication Ethics and Regulations 3 E
Selected Readings on Communication 3 E
Communication and Technology 3 E
Introduction to Image Analysis 3 E
Intimacy and the Internet 3 E
Introduction to Music 3 E
Environmental Change and Mass Communication 3 E
Contemporary Film Theories 3 E
Photography and Cultures 3 E
Science and Risk Communication 3 E
Introduction of Arts 3 E
Program Basics Module
Participatory Communication 3 E
Marketing for Strategic Communication 3 E
Cinematic Visual Elements 3 E
Integrated Module
Sophomore Projects and Exhibition 3 E
Integrated Lab Practicum 3 E
Graduation Projects and Exhibition 3 E
Entertainment Industry and New Media Creativity 3 E
Digital Games and Society 3 E