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Our PH. D. program consists of the following three parts: first of all, the required courses, including the “Advanced Communication Theory”, “Research Methodology” and “Introduction to Research Scholarship” ; Second, courses related with media and sociology and are co-conducted with MA students ; Third, advanced courses include the “Communication Theory Lecture”, “Theory Construction”, “Communication Policy Lecture” and “Independent Research”. (For further information, please check the map of our courses)
Course requests are listed as follows :
1 .Minimum graduate degree: 30 credits including the required / core/ theme/ methodical courses and thesis is not included.
2. At least 20 credits in our department.
3. The required courses:

    (1)Introduction to Communication Scholarship (3 credits)
    (2)Advanced Communication Theory (3 credits)
    (3)Research Methodology (3 credits)
4. Our candidates should take at least 6 credits in the first four semesters.