NCCU College of Communication

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College of Communication

This is an image                                                 Dean: LI-HSIN KUO
Title: Professor in the Department of Radio &   Television
* In-charge of the College Development Program Planning
* Over-all Head of the College Education, Administration, Research, and Other Resources

This is an image Associate Dean: HUI-WEN LIU
Title: Professor &  Chair of Doctoral and Master Programs of Communication; Chair, Department of Journalism.
* Coordinator of the College Research and Development and Other Related Affairs
* Planner and Coordinator of the College Curriculum
This is an image Associate Dean: YUHMIIN CHANG
Title: Professor & Chairman, of the College of Communication Undergraduate Degree Program 
Chair, Department of  Aderviting.
* Coordinator of the Undergraduate Curriculum
* Coordinator for the Undergraduate Communication Program
* Coordinator of Student Affairs
This is an image                                                       Associate Dean: CHIUNG-WEN HSU
Title: Professor  &  President of the Voice of NCCU
Chair, Department of  Radio & Television.
E-mail: teljulia
* Promotes industry-university cooperation
* Coordinator of research-related laboratories
* Promotes reorganization
* Plans new college campuses
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Assistant: Guo, Naihua
Ext.: 63522


This is an image Administrative Associate: HSIAO, Yuan-ling
Ext.: 63521