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May 23|UCLouvain and College of Communication discussed the potential dual degree collaboration

  • 2019-05-27
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By Sue Lin 林詩賢
Two Belgian representatives, Professor Philippe Hiligsmann and Professor Paul Servais, from Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) talked about a potential dual degree program in multilingual communication with Professor Tsung-Jen Shih, director of the International Master’s Program in International Communication Studies (IMICS), Kelly Wang, executive secretary of Office of International Cooperation (OIC), and two IMICS students on 23 May 2019.
The multilingual program at UCLouvain offers courses in business communication in four languages (i.e. French, Dutch, English, and German) and students are required to select courses with at least two languages. Professor Hiligsmann from UCLouvain plans to expand their language repertoire by adding Mandarin Chinese courses and this is why NCCU is valuable to them. Through the dual degree program, UCLouvain students can take Mandarin courses in Taiwan or NCCU professors can visit CLouvain campus to offer courses in Mandarin.
During the year of study at UCLouvain, the master program provides multilingual courses to deepen the knowledge of languages, social and political issues, and business communication strategies in different cultures. One highlight of the dual degree program is that students can have internship in the partnered country.
As UCLouvain is near Brussels, where the European Commission and many multinational companies are located, NCCU students will have an abundance of the international internship experience. Professor Hiligsmann is positive that students who speak English fluently with cross-cultural experiences and knowledge of business management can find an internship in Brussels. “No problem, only solution,” said Professor Servais, cordially promising that the university will provide their help to student’s need.
As the program focused on student’s practical business skills, Ella Csarnó, the first year IMICS student from Hungary, asked if there is the threshold to take the courses related to business for students outside that field. Professor Hiligsmann answered that students can select basic courses such as Introduction to Business before they register for more advanced courses.
Professor Hiligsmann and Professor Shih shared their mutual goal to initiate this program by the fall semester of 2020. Before the program is set up, exchange students are also encouraged to study at UCLouvain.

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