NCCU College of Communication

Residence Application for I House Students Area (2016 Summer Vacation)

  • 2016-06-06
  • Hsiao

1. Application Date: Starting as of today – August 28, 2016.  Please note that due to the limited vacant rooms, the application will be automatically closed once all the rooms are being rented out without further notice.

2. Accommodation Period: 2016/7/1 ~ 2016/8/29
3. Application Eligibility: NCCU exchange students、visiting students、degree students、short term NCCU students (including Chinese Language Center students)

4. How to apply: Please fill in the attached Application Form and go to I-House front desk in person to apply for the accommodation. The room will be reserved to whoever pays the deposit.  First come first serve.

5. I-House phone number: (02)2936-8869#9; I-House email: