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Faculty Positions (Open Rank) College of Communication National Chengchi University (NCCU), Taiwan

  • 2020-01-17
  • 郭 乃華

College of Communication at National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan invites applications for full-time faculty positions. The College of Communication at NCCU is the longest-standing communication school in Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1935, this college has always been the center of communication education and leads the nation in communication research and education. To date, NCCU’s College of Communication offers 3 departments, master’s / PhD programs, 1 joint program (Digital Content and Technologies), 1 international master’s program (IMICS), 1 EMA program, 2 research centers, and the Center of Media and Information with 6 specialized program office. Additionally, CCNCCU offers over 50 full time faculty members, approximately 1400 current students.
With many Outstanding Research Award recipients, the college is constantly pushing the boundaries of communication research. For the past few decades, it has cultivated numerous leaders and professionals in various communication industries, both in Taiwan and in the greater Asia area. As a highly integrated institute, the college reviews and modifies its curriculum and educational policies regularly, which enables it to effectively adjust for the ever-changing communication environment.
The college invites applications for the position of assistant/associate/full professor of communication from candidates with expertise in one or more of the following areas: (1) New Media and Digital Art, (2) Information interaction and user experience design, and (3) Convergent journalism.
Applicants should demonstrate a long-term commitment to excellence in research and teaching in the above-mentioned areas. A record of high-quality research, teaching, and professional experiences in related fields will be highly valued. The successful candidate will join a diverse group of faculty in various aspects of communication research and practices. The selected candidate is expected to play a major role in the advancement and development of the College of Communication.
Candidates should hold a Ph.D. or expect to have completed a Ph.D. by the start of employment. Interested applicants should submit application materials through the following online link: All the application materials should be received by 11:59pm, March 15, 2020. The College of Communication covers travel expenses for the faculty recruitment candidate from overseas.

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor in Communication               
Employer College of Communication
Academic background We are looking for two new faculty members (Open rank) who will work with the faculty in communication and other disciplines. The scholars from the fields such as cognitive science, linguistics, sociology, data science or internet governance and digital policy, are all welcomed.
Effective date Autumn 2020
Specialties and class duties Area of interest: New Media Design and Digital Art
Core specialties: Including but are not limited to new media art, Mechanical art design and creation, AR/VR art, installation art, interactive art. The candidate is required to have experiences in interdisciplinary collaborative research / projects/ works. Those who have experience in exhibiting, international large-scale new media art exhibitions or have the experience of guiding students to participate in international large-scale new media art exhibitions are preferred.
Proposed courses: including Digital arts, Interactive Arts, Studies of New Media Works, Virtual Reality Art, The interactive film of the future, and Exhibition Practices and Media Strategies. Applicants are encouraged to create courses that help students to expand visions about digital arts and performances.
Area of interest: Information interaction and user experience design
Core specialties: User-centric research, planning, and/or design expertise with the foci to make user-digital platform interaction useful, innovative, and delightful. Digital platforms include: Mobile apps, websites, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), games, wearable technology, social network sites, and startup digital products or services.
Proposed courses: User Experiences Design, Mobile Interaction Design, Digital Product Design, Interactive Data Visualization, Human Information Interaction and Design, and other courses that help students expand visions about information interaction and user experience design.
Area of interest: Convergent Journalism
Core specialties: We are especially interested in candidates who share a passion for reporting news using various of digital technologies, who can offer an innovative approach to teaching and learning, and can publish academic works in this area.
Proposed courses: including Convergent Journalism, Immersive Journalism, Interactive News Reporting, Digital News Gathering, Digital Storytelling. Applicants are encouraged to create courses that help students to expand visions about convergent journalism.
  1. Applicants should hold a doctoral degree in communication or other related fields, or a Teacher Certificate of assistant professor (or above) issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.
  2. Applicants should demonstrate the ability to conduct. interdisciplinary research and have a record of such research.
  3. Applicants should have a record of high quality research consistent with the position specialty.
  4. Applicants who have teaching experience or have participated in projects of governments and social institutions are preferred.
Required application materials Applicants should supply application materials as follows:
  1. A curriculum vitae
  2. A copy of your doctoral diploma (those who have taken all the required courses, passed the qualifying exam, defended the PhD dissertation, but haven’t got the doctoral diploma, can submit a temporary one. The doctoral diploma is needed before the position’s official start date.)
  3. A copy of the transcript for your highest degree. (Applicants who have a teacher certificate issued by the Ministry of Education don’t need to submit a transcript).
  4. A copy of the Teacher Certificate of assistant professor (or above) issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan, if applicable.
  5. A certificate of incumbency, if applicable.
  6. Three to five representative works, plus a statement describing current research areas and long-term research/ teaching plans, as well as how they contribute to the advancement of the college, the academics, and the society.
  7. Two sample syllabi with explanations about their originality and connection with the focus of the college.
  8. The names and contact information of two references.
  9. Applicants who have taught courses in English please attach the course proof.
  10. Other certifications or documents that might be a plus.
Special instructions to applicants
  1. The applicants should clearly mark Apply for the faculty position in Communication and the interested special areas.
  2. The application materials will be collected by the Teaching Evaluation Committee of the College of Communication.
Application deadline All application materials should be submitted to and received by 11:59pm, March 15, 2020.  
Contact For any further inquiry, please contact, or call Ms. Kuo at +886-2-29393091 ext.63522.