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English Silkroad Newsletter Student Journalist wanted

  • 2015-12-16
  • Hsiao
NCCU OIC Silkroad English E-Newsletter is a bimonthly publication featuring the internationalization of NCCU published by Office of International Cooperation (OIC). If you are active in international events on campus and are passionate news writers, you are welcome to join the Silkroad Newsletter team.

Position職缺: Journalist

Job description工作內容: Track, attend and report on the international events at NCCU

Requirement 應徵條件:
 - Advanced writing skills in English
 - Attend and cover events conducted in Chinese
 - Fundamental journalism skills
   * News investigation, information collection and verification capability
   * Interview skills
   * journalistic style writing
 - Attend bimonthly meeting and respect article submission deadlines
 - Able to commit for at least one year

Article length文章長度: 450-500 words

Pay稿費: NCCU regulation for news covering (根據本校撰稿費標準每篇約一千元) if accepted and published by OIC

 - Fill out application form
 - Email application to Ms. Kelly Wang @
 - Email title: [English Silkroad]_2015 journalist application_name

Contact國合處連絡人: Ms. Kelly Wang, Office of International Cooperation; Ext.62831;

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