傳播沙龍:Press Freedom in China: Budding or Dying?

  • 2017-04-25
  • 林 羿彣

演講題目:Press Freedom in China: Budding or Dying?
講者姓名: Leonard L Chu 朱立 (傳播學院名譽教授)
主持人:施琮仁老師 (傳播學院副教授兼國際傳播英語碩士學位學程主任)
演講時間:2017/05/10(三)  12:30-14:00 (中午12:00即可入場)
報名方式:請上聯合報名系統   https://goo.gl/j5wgIu
報名截止日期:2017/05/08  17:00

演講大綱 Speech outline:
Drawing on more than 40 years of research and observation of Chinese communist media, the speaker will discuss major perspectives on press freedom and the tug of war between the Communist Party and journalists in China. Although signs show a tightening of controls, the tug is not over yet.

講者簡介 Introduction of the Lecturer:
A former full-time professor from 2006-2012 at NCCU's College of Communication, Leonard L Chu had taught at the Department of Journalism and Communication of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (1975-1991), the Department of Journalism of the University of Queensland (1991-1994). and the School of Communication of Hong Kong Baptist University (1995-2006). His academic interests include media systems, Chinese Communist media, national images, media content as reconstructed reality and communication theories.