傳播沙龍:Color Revolutions, Arab Spring & Youth Mobilization in East Asia from East-European Perspective

  • 2017-02-24
  • 林 羿彣

演講題目:Political Participation of Young People: Color Revolutions, Arab Spring & Youth Mobilization in East Asia from East-European Perspective
講座姓名:Krzysztof Kozlowski (波蘭華沙經濟大學副校長)
演講時間:2017/3/6 12:30-14:00
報名方式:請上聯合報名系統 https://goo.gl/g4xLxd
報名截止日期:2017/03/05 17:00

演講簡介 Introduction of the Speech:
The presented program is designed to introduce students to the problems concerning young people political participation in contemporary social movements. The examples of color revolutions in the Post-Soviet Space, Arab Spring events and East Asian protests will serve as a basis to establish links between youth mobilization in different parts of the modern World. The major purpose of the program is to show the reasons and the nature of the intensity of Young generation political mobilization as well as the challenges young generations face when confronting existing political institutions and established patterns of political behavior.
The program is based on eight years long research concerning parallels of political changes in Post-Soviet Space, in the Arab World and in East Asian countries conducted in the Political Studies Department of Warsaw School of Economics.
To provide a multidimensional and interdisciplinary picture of the political processes discussed, the program will involve an analysis of geopolitical interpretations of the problems discussed.

Speech Content:

  1. Defining political change
  2. Change that never happened
  3. Change that never concluded
  4. Where are we heading
講者介紹 About Lecturer, Krzysztof Kozłowski:
MA in Journalism and Political Science (University of Warsaw, 2002), and MA in Law and Administration (University of Warsaw, 2006). Defended PhD at the Institute of Political Science, University of Warsaw (2008). Habilitated at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism (2012 ). Visiting Scholar, Kyungpook National University (Republic of Korea), Taiwan Fellow (Soochow University, Taiwan), Invited Lecturer at Ca’ Foscari di Venezia (Italy). Head of Taiwan – EU Studies Center at Warsaw School of Economics. Interested in political and economic transformation and change in East and Central Asia. Conducts studies concerning the economic analysis of organized crime and terrorism. Gives classes on Theory of State, International Relations, Terrorism and Organized Crime, China’s Energy Geopolitics, Color Revolutions and Arab Spring.
Since 2016 Vice-Rector for Teaching and Student Affairs at Warsaw School of Economics.