傳播沙龍:Avatars for Empowerment: The real potential of virtual selves

  • 2017-06-14
  • 林 羿彣

講者姓名:Rabindra Ratan(Assistant Professor and AT&T Scholar at MSU's Department of Media & Information )
主持人:林日璇老師 (傳播學院廣告學系副教授)
演講時間:2017/06/30(星期五) 13:00-14:30
報名方式:請上聯合報名系統 https://goo.gl/sVAuCs
報名截止日期:2017/06/27(星期二) 中午12:00

講者簡介Introduction of the Lecturer:
Rabindra (Robby) Ratan (​CV​) is Assistant Professor and AT&T Scholar at MSU's Department of Media & Information, and is also affiliated with MSU's Department of Psychology as well as MSU's College of Education's program in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology. His research focuses on psychological experiences of media use, with an emphasis on interactive environments (e.g., virtual worlds, videogames, the road) that include mediated self-representations (e.g., avatars, cars).   

演講大綱 Speech outline:
Did you know that avatars offer a secret weapon that can be used to help reduce real world social inequities? 

This talk addresses this questions, examining recent theory and research on the psychological experience and effects of avatar use. Building on a broad definition of avatars as mediated self-representations, I will explain how avatar attributes influence users (e.g., the Proteus effect). I will discuss my research on the psychological factors that moderate such avatar effects, as well as my research that applies these principles to meaningful outcomes, emphasizing the potential for avatars to counteract the harmful effects of stereotypes and empower all users in education contexts, especially STEM fields.  Finally, I will describe my most recent theoretical directions with this work, building from Social Cognitive Theory to offer a framework for future research on how to maximize the empowering effects of avatars.